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Common Decency T-shirt

Common Decency T-shirt

Made from 100% Organic Cotton, manufactured in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory and printed using environmentally friendly inks.

Common Decency T-shirt


Common Decency T-shirt is printed in the UK using environmentally friendly inks on premium quality 100% Organic Cotton made in an ethically accredited wind-powered factory.

*To purchase our women's style t-shirt please select UK Dress Size 8-16 from the drop down menu below

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Certified 100% Organic Cotton t-shirt (155g/m2) / Made in an ethically accredited, wind-powered factory / Low Carbon / GM Free / Hand finished in the UK / Wash Cool, Hang Dry






























Chest: Measure all round your chest just below your armpits.
Waist: Measure round your waistline, where your trousers would button up.
Height: Your natural height.

If you fall between the sizes, go for the larger of the two.

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How it's Made

Take a more in depth look at our supply chain and follow the journey of a product to find out how the certified organic products available in our store are made. It is called traceability.

The video shows the journey of our certified organic products, which is nearly all of our range. For a more detailed look at this specific product, use the trace map below.

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Ethical Low Carbon Organic

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Do you feel powerless?

Do you feel your vote makes no difference?

Have you lost faith in the system?

Do you feel that this Government (Westminster) is not listening – and is nowhere in touch with your needs and desires?

That nobody in Government actually cares about the poor, the sick, the disabled or animals? Do you wonder, in despair, where to go to find the truth? Do you feel the whole system needs to be torn apart and rebuilt, so the voice of the people can be heard? Do you suspect Austerity is a nonsense – and should be rejected, just as Greece has done, and Spain is about to do?

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For democracy to work, its people must be informed truthfully. How can democracy work when we are being constantly lied to? We believe it’s time for the people to reclaim democracy. And the driving force must not be self-interest, greed or career moves. True democracy must be biased on morality, compassion and honesty.